Adventure Operations pledges support to Good360

Adventure Operations pledges support to Good360

Recently the team at Adventure Operations have witnessed the devastation that is being caused by significant bushfire events across Australia. We are deeply saddened by the impact that this is having across our communities and understand the marathon effort required throughout all stages of a disaster recovery of this scale.

It is with this understanding that our business is pledging our support to Good360 Australia, a charitable organisation that is focussed towards the long term sustainable recovery of affected people and communities. It is important to us at Adventure Operations that we partner with organisations that have a long-term and sustainable approach to dealing with donations, and the Good360 Australia methodology aligns with this objective.

Good360 Australia facilitates the connection of brand-new goods from retailers with Australians and fire-affected communities that need them. Focussing on a six-stage disaster recovery framework, Good360 is able to provide support throughout the preparedness, response, recover, rebuild, refurnish and relive phases.  This ensures the right goods are delivered to the right people, in both the immediate and long-term period.

This partnership is part of a continuing commitment from Adventure Operations with Good360 projects to ensure that we maximise the impact of our donations and support. We are pledging to donate a wide range of suitable products from our brand portfolio. If you are a registered charity seeking donations, please visit to register your needs.

If any other businesses or individuals are looking to offer support to this recovery effort, we encourage you to make financial donations to Good360 Australia. Cash donations would be utilised in delivering the appropriate goods to the relevant locations, free of charge.